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nothing more to do, but wait now. the presidential candidates wrap up their campaign whirlwind and wait for the ballots to come in. five stops in one day, sounds like a rock star, but it is our governor. the threat if it is the tax initiative that does not pass. >> she stuck her head in the sand when she should be pulling the alarm. a former elementary school principal found guilty. her punishment for sexual abuse. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. it's down to the 11th hour in what seems like an endless campaign. they held their last two rallies about two hours ago. and now in the hands of the voters, especially in their crucial battleground states. they told us that the candidates are now waiting for the only poll that matters. president obama and mitt romney
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both threw battleground states on monday for the final push of the e votes for the -- push of the votes for the election day. and he told supporters romney's campaign is the greatest hits collection of failed policies. >> he is trying to pretend that somehow his own ideas did not work and that they are new and they will work this time. >> reporter: wrapping up the last political campaign in ohio and iowa, the president says that the choice on tuesday is a matter of trust. >> you know what i believe. and you know where i stand. and you know i tell the truth. and you know that i will fight for you and your family every single day as hard as i know how. >> reporter: president obama will monitor the returns from his hometown of chicago. mitt romney's campaign will await the results in boston. the republican nominee got a rocking reception in columbus, ohio. that they failed to deliver the change he promised. >> talk is cheap.
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and a record, it's real, it's earned. change can't be measured in speeches if measured in results. [ cheering ] >> reporter: romney said that his plan will deliver that change. >> the door to the brighter future is there. it's open. it's waiting for us. and i need your work, i need your help, i need your votes. the first returns are expected in these locations. for cbs news, the white house. well, we now know who is behind the secret $11 million donation to defeat proposition 30. governor brown's tax hike plan. two conservative groups, the virginia based, americans for job security and the center to protect patient rights in arizona. the money donated anonymously was also used in support of
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prop 32. a measure to limit their campaign cash. >> transparency is the life blood of the democracy. the transactions behind this committee are the equivalent of passing a suitcase in a dark alley. >> the fair political practices commission say that the secret donation amounts to money laundering and violates california campaign law. cbs 5 reporter caught up with them during their final stops in san francisco. >> keep the california dream alive. yes on 30, thanks. it was the ultimate pep rally with a few of their closest friends leading the cheer. >> are we going to do it? all right, all right. >> reporter: the governor's barn storm is safe today to convince voters to approve proposition 30. recent polls show them dwindling for a measure that will raise the income taxes for
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those making more than $250,000 a year and also impose an extra quarter cent sales tax. >> so the governor is asking for your help. will you give it? okay. without tax hikes, get ready for the deeper cuts. >> that will be $27 billion of red ink. that's the depth. i mean it's amazing. >> reporter: the projected $6 billion a year raise for the new taxes will go to education for k-12 grades and community colleges, guaranteeing funding for public safety services. but the polls show less than 50% of the voters will defeat them and it's a real possibility. >> if you could do it over again, get the polls, what would you do? >> i would do it the same. i worked hard. i told the truth and i would level with the people and i would ask the people if they wanted to raise taxes, if they thought it was important as we're asking the people.
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whatever they say, i'll carry it out. >> reporter: they mentioned like a doomsday scenario. do you see that happen? >> i'm not going to predict doom for this state. and i will never do that. but i think that it could be a very rough go. >> reporter: traditionally theinitiatives fail if they fall below 50% the night of the election. if prop 30 fails, the schools will get clobbered even more, including the reduction of the school year by three weeks. linda yee, cbs 5. here is something that may blow your mind. the money has been spent on the california campaigns. more than half a billion dollars for the ballot measures alone. the congressional races and the legislative seats combined, ranked among the top in state history. some of that money, a lot of that money came exclusively from two very wealthy siblings.
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charles munger pumped tens of millions of dollars in supporting proposition 2. his sister has spent $47 million supporting proposition 38. it's the night before election day, maybe you already voted. if you haven't, how well do you know the state's propositions? they could be confusing. we'll show you that two cal grads created a fun and easy way to educate yourself before you vote. the jerry brown avatar, a talking tomato. >> i will tell you about the modified food. >> this is not your average ballot measure guide. think of it as the schoolhouse of rock for the digital age. >> it's full of extremely complications, but at the same time they are really important. >> reporter: the graduate school of journalism created this website. to educate voters, especially
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young ones about their 11 propositions. couldn't we all use a little help? >> how do you feel about the propositions? >> not too informed. >> reporter: what is prop 32? >> no. >> reporter: what is prop 30, do you know? >> i think i'm suppose to know yes or no on that one. >> what is prop 37? >> it is labeling the gmos. and i would vote yes on that one. >> what about prop 32? >> oh, i don't know. >> reporter: if you're going to spend an hour educating yourself, why shouldn't it be spent? >> reporter: it is not the first time that they have shown that here, but they let you create your own federal budget based on romney and obama's proposals where games like this, they could be the future. >> yeah, that sounds like it could definitely help. >> i want to see if they could get it. i just sent in my ballot. >> be sure to watch our sister
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station for up-to-the-minute coverage of election day on 2012. live election coverage begins at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. you can also find election results streaming live on we will have a full hour of local election coverage here on the cw tomorrow night at 10:00. and also in the news tonight, the santa clara county jury sent a loud and clear message, reports suspected child abuse or pay the price. the cbs 5 reporter on the elementary school principal who should have called the police. >> you talk about the sentence, pleading guilty. >> reporter: the former principal dabbed away tears as the guilty verdict came down. the jury sent a strong message to school staff everywhere, follow your instincts. >> she stuck her head in the sand when she should have been pulling the alarm. >> reporter: it all began on 2011 when the then principal of san jose met with the parent of
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a second grader. the 8-year-old student said her teacher blindfolded her and made her lay down in the classroom. they were alone. according to the principal's notes, the student felt something gooey that maybe it was his tongue on her feet, that he kept it there for 20 seconds or so and inserted something in her mouth. they confronted the teacher, convincing the principal it was a lesson about helen keller blindness. and as a result, at least one other student was also allegedly molested. >> do you think that the principal was just naive? >> i think that she didn't want this ugly thing to be true. >> reporter: the prosecutor said that the principal was a nice person who made a terrible judgment call. >> i'm sure that she has done a lot of wonderful things in her life. and this was a big failure on a big day. >> reporter: she testified that she had not gotten training on how to spot child abuse. jurors hope that it would be a wake up call for districts to
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do better. >> she got horrible advice from hr and she didn't do what she knew she should do, she had a suspicion and she didn't act on it and the consequences were just wrong. >> reporter: she could have gone six months in jail -- she could have gotten six months in jail, but they sentenced her to probation, training other teachers to not make the same mistake she did. live in san jose, cbs a. the man accused of smashing the bus of the muni bus after the world series says he's sorry, asking for forgiveness from the public who identified him after a social media man hunt. he pleaded not guilty to two felony counts today. and outside the court, his lawyer said that his client acknowledges responsibility. the d.a. also charged 12 other people for crimes that same night. >> we want to send a very clear
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message that you come to san francisco, you celebrate, but if you come here to damage property or hurt people, there will be consequences. >> muni will have to pay the damages to the bus because the city's policy insurance coverage does not cover it. and police are looking for this muni rider who tried to rob this student. another man pepper sprayed the student and tried to take his backpack. they were unsuccessful. both ran off the bus. police caught one of them as they are still looking for the man in the sport coat. well investigators collected bags of evidence today in fremont where police shot and killed a naked man. they say the 37-year-old had a knife and chased his estrange wife out of the home on central avenue between logan and glenmore drive late last night. police say that two officers told them to put that knife down, but he didn't do it so they shot him. those officers are now on paid leave, which is standard
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policy. the woman was not hurt. investigators found this unexploded cocktail at a pleasant hill strip mall damaged by fire last night. they say that the fire started after someone threw some sort of object through the window of the nail salon. unclear what that object was though investigators say it was not a bomb. no arrests yet, no injuries reported. rescue crews cut open the hall of the overturned boat to free two children trapped inside the cabin. this video comes from the sonoma county sheriff's helicopter, showing how crews rescued three adults and four children from that boat yesterday. one of the adults suffered a minor injury. everyone else was okay. getting cooler outside now, but after a day of record highs in the bay area, man, there it is. coy tower, going back to the regular color, gone as the orange glow of giants victory.
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and back is the concrete gray and our chief meteorologist, says we're not done with this color. >> no, from all the heat we had outside. check out these highs today, yeah, pretty toasty. santa clara, 8 a -- 85. mountain valley, 83. walnut creek, down to 80. san jose, 83 degrees. some records were set. oakland, san jose and concord shattering the old records by 1 degree. we're going to be toasty once again tomorrow, but after that we're going to talk about a big, big cool down. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, thanks, paul. and still in recovery mode from sandy. the east coast braces for another storm. i just don't understand it. it does not make sense. >> how a bay area woman ended up paying thousands after selling her car and how you can prevent yourself from falling
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into the same tram
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businesses in new york and w jersey remain without power tonight. it's the 1.5 million homes and businesses in new york and new jersey still without power tonight. it is the eighth night since they hammered the east coast, killing at least 119 people. people are struggling with so much loss and biting cold right now. and now the threat of yet another storm is on the way. we're on staten island with a report for you. >> reporter: the furniture is now firewood on staten island where many residence are bracing for another night without power or heat. >> it's very cold and they need
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to keep warm somehow. i'm glad that they are not coming to put the fire out. >> reporter: and they could be in for more cold nights. another night began their march up the east coast on monday, expected to bring 55 miles per hour winds coastal flooding midweek, again knocking out power to some gas pumps, making the gas lines even longer. but in the face of what happened and to come, communities are scrambling to make sure they could vote on tuesday. for their hard hit rockaways. many schools reopened on monday. more than 1,000 utility crews from as far away as california and canada are gathered to deploy from the citi field, home to the new york mets. on staten island, residence are piling up the rubble in the streets where trucks are hauling it away to make landfills. some residence are concerned whatever remains of their belongings will be washed away with another storm coming. others say there is nothing left to recover. >> my wife is not taking it so well. my children are obviously not taking it so well. if i break down, then where are
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we? i have to be the strong one. >> reporter: they are delivering sandwiches and juice to storm victims. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: she lives in new jersey now, but says this will always be home. for cbs news, staten island, new york. weather time, more of that nor'easter, expecting wind gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour and another water rise. back here in the bay area what a beautiful day. highs in the 80s in the santa clara valley. a live look outside as we are still here in the 60s right no. mid-60s. 65. warm spot downtown san francisco. 68 degrees right now. livermore and concord slipped out of the 60s into the upper 50s. that white dot you see with the green line spinning out of it. fairfield, vallejo, all very dry right now. here's a look at the radar, follow the clouds.
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just west of us offshore by a couple hundred miles. then riding way up to the north because of the huge ridge of the high pressure, which is the reason why we're so sunny and warm today. not moving tomorrow, weather is not changing tomorrow. record warmth is possible for a second straight day. many of you will have an afternoon in the 80s, right before the sunset about five minutes after five. high pressure moves out after that and then it is all about a big area of low pressure, shoving the high out of here. giving us a cooler weather by wednesday and then the cold front moves through on thursday as you're going to feel the effects on friday and into the weekend as we will struggle to make it out of the 50s, just a couple days removed from the highs in the 80s. once again very warm tomorrow for the election day. no weather reason to not vote and to get out and exercise your right. much cooler weather arrives on wednesday and the snow level on friday, they will drop all the way down to 3,000 feet with the scattered showers out. there livermore tomorrow, it doesn't agree above average, 82, well into the 70s. they are 79, morgan hill, 83. 81 for walnut creek.
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80 for dublin. danville, another day in the 80s for santa rosa and 81 degrees. 10 degrees cooler on wednesday. 10 more degrees cooler with scattered showers on thursday. showers stick around on friday with highs in the 60s. then over the weekend we're dry, but we will stay chilly. that's your cbs 5 forecast. >> thank you, paul. when you sell a car and transfer the title, you might think that you're no longer on the hook for tickets or tows. but as julie watts explains, you might be. >> i just don't understand it. it does not make sense. >> reporter: when they sold their '94 pontiac for $500, they never imagined that it could cost them thousands. she thought she did everything right. >> we'll have to get this cleared. >> reporter: three days after the sale, she transferred the title, filling out the lease of liability in person at the dmv. little did she know that very same day the pontiac's new owner put the car back up for sale and parked it on the dirt
10:20 pm
lot in salinas. the car sits in the tow lot, racking up $72 a day in storage fee and the tow truck driver says they are the ones that need to pay. >> basically the guy at the tow yard is saying i could ruin your credit just because you won't pay me. that's not right. >> reporter: while the owner of the tow yard would not speak on camera, he gave us the dmv paperwork that still lists them as the pontiac's registered owner and he says that makes her responsible for the fees. >> how could i be released of liability, but then still be listed as the owner that the tow yard could go after the funds? >> reporter: well according to the california vehicle code, she can't. section 5602 states as long as she has handed over the car and signed the title, she is no longer subject to the criminal liability. it's not contingent on the dmv actually processing the paperwork. >> i have the notice of the lien. >> reporter: but what complicates the issue is what she doesn't have. a copy of the signed title or the buyer's i.d. so until the dmv transfer goes on through, she has no way to
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prove that she is no longer responsible for this $500 car that is now accruing nearly $3,000 in fees. >> it is very frustrating. >> reporter: when selling a car, the dmv suggests you have the buyer meet you there to immediately process the paperwork together. and always keep a copy of the signed title and the paperwork required to sell a car in the state. the dmv has finally processed the paperwork, so she is off the hook. on consumer watch, julie watts. cbs 5. coming up an unexpected discovery near the checkout line. why you might have a tougher time getting groceries at your favorite store.
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greeted by pickett signs and chanting. shoppers are being greeted by the ticket signs and chanting. >> employees have been out in front of the store since early yesterday morning after 15 months of contract negotiations were called off. the union says that it is upset over cuts and benefits in pay.
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the main sticking point though is health care. but workers, they are more worried about after the strike. >> it's scary. not knowing if the strike is going to last long or if i'm even going to have a job when i go back. >> but the company argues the only change is a two-year wage freeze. it's the first strike in their77-year history. will the raiders get their runningback back? i'm dennis o'donnell in the battle of northern california, oakland verses renoylds next. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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road, bill clinton was in te the last time they were 3-0 to start the season on the road, bill clinton was in the oval office. get the clock going. calling up the shots for the
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kings. as they went on a 16-0 run. warriors watched the ball. do something. but they put it in, 23 points for 15 boards for the big man. however, the warriors, they climb back in it, getting the big look at the basket, they miss, but the warriors got one more shot to win it. this time 1.3 left on the clock as they don't go. warriors lose, 94-92 in sacramento. he was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain after having an mri this morning, hurting the ankle on the first carry. he has not ruled them out for sunday's game in baltimore, but he's not playing. monday night football, time could be running out for michael vick in an eagle's uniform against the first quarter, the pass reflected in the hands of patrick robinson for 98 yards the other way as they went 28-13. i don't know what is going on with michael vick, but he does not look like michael vick. >> maybe in the raiders uniform. >> that's very well done.
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>> we'll see you on cbs 5. ,, ,,
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